If you’re like, well, pretty much everyone, then you’re probably trying to get BACK on track of your New Year’s resolutions. It’s understandable! It can be very difficult to maintain all the lofty goals you’ve set for yourself… reduce my coffee intake, lose weight, eat better, lower my blood pressure, etc. But you’re in luck! Quincy Tea Co. has everything you need to keep yourself on track. Here are some products we carry to help you through.

1.     Dandelion Leaf Powder

Our organic dandelion leaf powder is perfect for anyone trying to break their coffee addiction. Simply dissolve the powder in hot water. Dandelion leaf powder gives you a sustained energy while improving liver function, clearing your skin, promoting digestion, and lowering blood pressure. It’s great with just a touch of honey.

2.     Polari Tea

This delicious herbal blend has a ton of health benefits. The licorice root helps curb sugar cravings, while the fennel helps with indigestion and bloat and the peppermint aids in any tummy or headaches. This blend also helps reduce inflammation, oh, and did we mention it tastes AMAZING? This tea is the perfect nighttime brew.

3.     Cleanse Tea

We can’t lie about this one, the cleanse tea is the #1 tea for going #2. It truly cleanses you. Senna is a natural laxative that flushes your system of toxins and impurities and has been shown to help with weight loss. There is also ginger in the cleanse tea that helps regulate the effects of the senna. This blend also contains the metabolism-boosting green tea, which will also give you a sustained energy. The cleanse blend is great for an afternoon pick me up or morning energy brew.

4.     Rooibos Tea

We have several blends of rooibos teas at the shop. All of them are naturally caffeine free and will help in digestion, weight loss, strong bones, blood sugar, allergies, and heart health. Talk about a tea that packs a health punch! Some of the flavors of rooibos we carry are blueberry cheesecake, chai, almond, and vanilla (yum yum!).

5.     Matcha Tea

Matcha has had a lot of hype, and for good reason. Matcha is very high in antioxidants, and it doesn’t just boost metabolism-it actually burns calories. Matcha takes more time and effort to brew because you have to vigorously whisk the powder into boiling water, but it makes a great morning drink. We have fun flavors of matcha for you to try including peach, mocha, and cinnamon apple.

Stop by and let us help you find the perfect tea for your health goals!